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Story: Home for rent

*Opens eyes slowly, the wooden floor beneath me creaks as I hardly move, the sunlight from the small window high above my head allows a beam of light to shine into the room. Action: Run Calendar, whirring sound* Time since activation: 1 month 15 days 43 minutes and 10 seconds, energy level is low. *Stands up, looks around room slowly, it's once again silent...for now* I have been here for quite some time now, Sir has provided me with pants that are too large and are kept on with rope. The shirt I wear is a burlap sack with holes cut out for arms and my head. *Begins to walk towards the window, but it's obvious that the window is just too high to see anything. I look up at it in curiosity* She said that I would grow into the pants and that the sack was to save money. "This proves to be a wonderful survival tactic, she is a wise master."

*10 minutes later, I'm still looking up at the window when I hear the sliding of feet against the floor; I turn to see Sir gripping onto the molding leading into the room. Her greasy, blondish-gray hair is matted to her head, her clothes have stains from the alcohol she drank the night before. Smiles* "Good morning, Master!" *She slowly peels herself off the frame and continues to walk in a daze towards the kitchen without saying a word* She must be tired, she was up late last night after all with all the customers who came in. *Suddenly she stops and looks at me. Her face is filled with rage, her dirty hands are holding onto last nights pay as she comes rushing at me* "There's thirty dollars missing here, where is it?!" *I blink, looking at her confused* "Don't pull your 'Oh I'm just a computer and I have no reason to use money' shit on me, where did you put it?!"

*Action: Run Calculator, in a single tone voice* "Records from last night show that we had a 5% increase from last month, we made a total of $678.42." *She counted the money in her hand once more, her face grew more tense and was about to say something when I interrupted her* "You then went to the store and returned with alcohol with a value of $30.16." *The woman looked blankly at me for a second then laughed* "That's right, that would explain this huge headache I have. At times like this, I remember why I bought you." *She leaves and enters the kitchen once more, leaving me once again to look up at the window* I want to see what's out there, this wonderful light coming from the window has me rather pleased. *Suddenly from the kitchen* "HEY, you in there! I want you to run out to the store and get some eggs." *I walk towards her, the sink is filled with dirty dishes, ants covered an open box of cookies. She puts money in my hand* "Go to Smiley's Food Barn, it's a 20...*counts on fingers, staggers* 10 minute walk."

"I'm sorry but I don't know where that location is." *She slaps herself on the forehead and staggers once more* My vocabulary tells me that an egg is a female ovum or the oval thin-shelled reproductive body of a bird, once I get there, how will I know which one she wants me to purchase? "If you get lost, ask someone I'm sure they'll help you." *She walks me towards the door and opens it, eyes open widely* I've never been outside of this place before, what an amazing brightness in this hallway! *Takes a step outside of the apartment, turns around to face the woman, smiles widely* "I will do my best!"

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