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My eyes slightly clicked open as i looked around the room. I was sitting on a floor. Carpet. Magenta. A human face shoved itself in front of mine.

"Hello, my name is Toshi. What's your name?" Standard response. Executed.

"Oh...uhm..well you can call me TJ..."

...Checking time...8:37 AM..."Good Morning TJ, what may i do for you?"

"Okay...you're name is Toshi?"

"Yes. Toshi."

"Well, Toshi can I check my email"

"Accessing....Email address?"...."Password?"..."Accessing....You have no new messages"

"Oh...I thought for sure...well...Can you make me breakfast?"

"Where is the kitchen?" TJ points to a open space in the wall.

I stand myself up. TJ's face has changed. "Is everything well, TJ?"

"I've never...uhm...yea, yea it's fine"

"I don't understand. TJ's face changed. Please tell me why"

"i don't think..."

"I can learn better to meet TJ's needs if i understand TJ's human emotions"

"...You can understand human emotions?"

"My programming tells me that humans have emotions. It is shown in facial expressions. When a facial expression changes, an emotion has changed."

"...do you have emotions?"

"Emotions are human. I am TJ's persocom. My programming tells me I am not human." I start walking towards the kitchen. The kitchen is at the end. "What would TJ like to eat?"

"You can just call me 'you' when you're speaking to me directly"


"Those cupboards...do you know what cupboards are?" ...accessing word...cupboards..a flash of objects streams across my vision...I point to the objects in the kitchen similar to the pictures. "Oh that is so cool! Toshi will you please make me some pancakes? There's mix in the cupboard"

"Thankyou TJ"

"For what? You're doing all the work"

"TJ purchased me, my programming says that is a very good thing. My programming says to say 'thankyou' when very good things are done."

"Oh." TJ's face changes again.

"TJ, what would you like me to do while i do..."glance at box, "pancake mix"

"Uh...can you have a conversation with some one?"

Accessing conversational mode...."How are you today, TJ?"

"Great, I have you now..."

"It's good that your day is great. How old are you TJ?"


"I do not have your age in my database"

"I'm 20."

"What does TJ...do you...do for fun?" Error in grammar corrected.

"...Talk to you?"

"Does TJ have friends?"

"....no...not really..."

"I will be TJ's friend" TJ's face changes again. Database holds something to this facial expression. It is called...a smile...
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