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Toshi goes to school PART 1

"TJ? Where are you going?" TJ was walking out the door.

"Oh, I'm going to school." ...accessing word...school...large buildings stream across my vision...desks...young children...older children...adults...too much data.

"TJ, what is school?"

"You don't know?"

"There is too much data on school for me to understand. Please help."

"I don't really have time...uhm...actually, I could use you to take notes right?"

"Accessing...please record notes"

"oh not yet Toshi!"

"What would you like me to do?"

"You can come to school with me"

"TJ, you haven't told me what school is yet"

"I'll show you. It's a place where students learn"

...accessing...learn...NO DATA

"TJ, what is learn?"

"oh...it's where i...uhm...well...hmm...Toshi, can you let me think about that for a while?"

"Of course TJ"

"Okay...uhm..follow me?"

TJ opens the door to a hallway, I follow him out the door. This is the apartment building. The paint on the walls is...accessing color database...yellow. I dont like it. Another door opens, a bright light shines through the door way...accessing..sunlight. We walk onto...street...

"TJ, what is apartment's address?"

"Oh, uhm...6720 Apple St"

"Thankyou, 6720 Apple St inputted into database"

"...okay, good"

The street is filled with many people. All people look different. There are different sizes and colors and amount of hair. Soon i can no longer see TJ near me. I stop walking.

"TJ? Where are you?" I scan the faces coming near me, none are TJ. I have lost my master. "Where are you?" Something feels wrong. Near my belly button there is aching. My eyes are dripping. It is not red. It is not blood. Do persocoms have blood? Accessing....only humans have blood... My eyes are dripping a clear, salty liquid and I scan faces looking for TJ. There are so many faces, none are him. Not one face is even similar to TJ's. Why are there so many different faces. My database does not have anything for me to do. I cant see any street names. I can't access my map. I do not know what city i am in. What state, what country I am in.

What is this feeling. Persocoms do not have feelings. It is in my database.
What are these drops? Accessing...tears...persocoms do not have tears. Why do I have them then?

"TOSHI! Oh my GOD! I found you. Toshi? Toshi...you're crying...I thought that...Toshi it's okay, I'm right here." The...tears... keep falling, I don't know what's happening. "Toshi, Toshi it's fine."

"Toshi was lost...Toshi didn't recoginze faces...Toshi is crying. Toshi can not cry, and Toshi is crying..."

"Toshi...you're you. Remember? not 'toshi', refer to yourself as 'i' or 'me'."

"noting...you..." the tears still drip. they're endless.

"Toshi, it's okay..." TJ looks back and forth through the crowds. searching? I do not know. He looks back at me. His facial expression is strange. He raps his arms around me. "It's okay Toshi, it's fine" What is this? accessing...hug...different in each culture...generally a sign of comfort....TJ is comforting me.

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