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Toshi Goes To School PART 2

"Toshi what time is it? Can you tell me -- "

"8:12 AM" I smile. I did something to help TJ. TJ's face has changed, it looks...accessing...NO DATA..."TJ, what is this facial expression" I contort my face to look similar to TJ's. The edges of my mouth fall slightly and my eyes widen.

"It's worried, I needed to be at school seven minutes ago!" Accessing...TJ must be at school at 8:05...noted...."Can you run Toshi? Just keep up with me okay?"

"Okay TJ" TJ started moving quickly, I couldn't stay with him at first, but his warm hand grasped mine and we moved faster than i thought i could. I kept looking down at my hand, what is this? Why is this so strange? Accessing...holding hands...a video came up across my screen...

"So you're ready to go steady? Well, HI THERE! I'm Mr. Smith, and I'm here with Billy and Sally" A black and white video clip with a cheery old man and two young-adult humans stood waving at me. "Well, hope you're ready! The first thing that couples do, is hold hands." Mr. Smith motions to Billy and Sally, and Billy grabs Sally's hand. "You should only decide to be boyfriend-girlfriend if you really care about eachother. It is a big commitment" The humans in the clip had smiles that reached across their entire face. "Second step, is to kiss" Smith motions to the young-adult humans, and Billy puts his lips on Sally's. "Third..." END DATA. That was all i had in my data base.

We stopped in front of a big building. TJ slowed down, still holding my hand and opened a large door.

"This is school. Well..This building is the library and a few classrooms. My first class is here."

TJ let go of my hand. The air felt cold against my skin. ERROR. Persocoms don't have skin, it's artificial. Persocoms are not human.

TJ walked into his class, and found two seats next to eachother.

"WHOA! Nice persocom dude!" A young man shoved himself near me, touching my face and arms.

"TJ? You haven't set some of the personal settings, is this kind of contact from others okay?"

"uhm...no...not people you don't know"

"Sir, please step back. You are invading the physical setting my owner set"

"Oh, sorry dude. So it's new?"

"uhm...yea, about a week"

"nice! I'm Jimmy"


"Cool! So, does it have a name" Jimmy pointed at me. He called me 'it'. Of course he did. I am a persocom. Not human.

"oh yea, Toshi can you say hi?"

"Of course it can say hi! You really don't know what it's capable of you?"


"Dude! When's your last class? I'll meet you some where and i can go over everything with you"

"uhm...well...hmmm...my last is over at 2:30."

"cool! meet me in front of the library"

"TJ?" I never got to introduce myself.

"oh, yea Toshi?" Did he forget i was there?

"I didn't get to say hi..."TJ's expression changed...

"oh...uhm...Go ahead"

"Hello. I am Toshi. Pleased to meet you" I smile. I like to do what i can.

"Well I'm Jimmy." Jimmy quickly switches his focus to TJ for a moment, "See ya at 2:30!"

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