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Story: Home for rent

*The store window holds my reflection* This is a reflection, when I waved it waved back, so this is a reflection. *I continue to look at the window, my dark brown hair falls down to my shoulders, but it sticks up in the areas where the two green clips don't hold it down, ungroomed. My eyes are a sky blue color which bring out the green in my ears. Closes eyes, Action: Run Vitals, whirring sound, opens eyes* My height is 5 foot 4 inches, head to toe when standing. *Action: Run Memo* Go to Smiley's Food Barn and get some eggs. *I look once more in the window but eventually continue walking down the sidewalk until I come to a small creature tied to a tree, points finger at the creature but it just sits and wags it's tail* "This is a dog, a domesticated carnivorous mammal related to the foxes and wolves and raised in a wide variety of breeds." *The small dog stands and begins to pant, looking up at me. Suddenly, he jumps against me, slightly pulling down the burlap sack shirt with it's nails, smiles* "The girl named Megan had a young dog, which she called a puppy...but it didn't move like this." *The dog wags his tail harder and begins to bark happily, hand hovers above the dog's head* The girl's puppy was soft, something I never felt before...does this dog feel the same way? *Suddenly I freeze, whirring sound, in a single tone voice* "When seeing an unfamiliar animal, never touch it but stay away."

*A middle aged man wearing an apron strolls out of the store I froze in front of, he was rather plump and he wore a confused expression which changed to a smile* "Benny, sit boy!" *The dog doesn't obey, but just continues to bark, I still stand there motionless. The man walks from the doorway and over to me, he makes the dog sit and then looks at me before waving his hand in front of my face, a whirring sound* "When seeing an unfamiliar animal, never touch it but stay away." *Blinks, looks forward but then looks around at surroundings. For the first time I notice the man standing beside me, he chuckles lightly and then smiles* "Yes, that's very good advice. *looks at my ears* So, you're a persocon huh?" *Moves to face the man straight on* "I am a persocon, yes, my serial number is 02812-00100B." *The man laughs gently again, his belly jiggles slightly when he laughs. He looks around curiously* "That's all good and said, but do you have an owner...or a name?" *Action: Run Calendar* Approximately zero hours, twenty-five minutes, and forty-three seconds ago a girl named Megan called me Chise. "My owner has not programmed me with the necessary information to respond with to this question, a girl called me Chise." *The man looks at the clothes I wear, nods understandingly, and puts his hand on my shoulder, looks down at his hand* He's warm, too, just like the girl. "Well, Chise, would you like to come into my store? I think I have something you may like." He called me Chise, like the girl...

*Stops at the doorway, looks around the room. It's a small store, there is a soft looking surface on the floor, it has a swirley design complete with tan and green colors, changing wih the swirls. Throughout the store are metal racks, each rack holding different styles of clothes* My vocabulary tells me that this is carpet, a thick heavy covering for a floor, usually made of woven wool or synthetic fibers. *Thinks back to Megan, she wore a white shirt under blue-jean overalls, I then look down at my clothes and then at the clothes for sale, the man gently pushes me from behind, smiling* "It's okay, Chise, this is a clothing store, nothing here will hurt you." *I enter the store slowly, observing the ceiling, walls and floor* This is much different then the floor Sir has, hers is an artificial wooden floor and is much harder then this. There is also more light here then at the apartment Sir has, there are also no foul odors. *Walks up to a rack holding dresses and skirts, I look down at the clothes curiously, points* "These pants are broken, there is only one hole for one leg but a human needs two holes for both legs." *The man laughed once again and walked over to me, he unhooks one of the hangers from the rack and puts it against me* "This is a dress, women wear these but men don't. You put both legs through the one hole, this is more elegant then pants and it keeps you cool, too." *The man puts the hanger back on the rack and walks over to help another customer, but keeps a close eye on me, puts hand out, touches the dress and moves fingers over the material* "A...dress."

*I look at all the different dresses but find none that I like...until I see one different from the others. The dress is sleeveless and has a light purple color, it's not tight but actually quite easy going. I unhook the hanger from the rack. The man looks past the women he's helping for a second* "Do you like that one, Chise?" He called me it again...Chise. *I start to walk over, unaware of the conversation taking place between the two* "I can't believe her owner would let her walk around like that, Devin, what should we do?" *The man speaks quietly* "I don't know, but she's very smart and seems harmless...probably just neglected is all." *The woman is wearing a striped blouse and dress pants, she scoffs quietly* "You speak of neglect like it's nothing, for someone to buy a persocom they must have money so why not afford some clothes for it?" *The man shrugs and scratches the bald spot on the back of his head* "Not only does she not know what a dress is, but I don't think she has a name either. She said a little girl called her Chise, but that doesn't mean she has a name." *I'm coming up to them and he smiles at me, the woman turns to look at me briefly then turns back to him shaking her head* "The poor thing, to think a pretty thing like that being neglected." *He pats her gently on the shoulder* "Well...today she'll learn the meaning of the word 'Gift'."



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