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Story: Home for rent

*I walk up to the store owner and the woman, the woman smiles at me, nods, and walks away. I hold up the sleeveless, light purple dress up to the man, he laughs and scratches the bald spot on the back of his head* "That's a very nice dress, Chise, would you like to try it on?" *Blank look at the owner* Why does he keep calling me that, did I have a name this whole time but just wasn't informed? *The owner touches my shoulder, I jump slightly and look at him, he smiles gently* "I'll show you where the dressing rooms are." *I'm led to a far wall, three open doors are found next to each other. I stick my head in and look around, the owner laughs at my reaction* "You go inside one of these doors and then you will find seperate rooms, pick a room and you may try the dress on." *I turn around to face him, still holding the hanger which held the dress* "I will do my best!" *As I turn around to pick a door, his hand touches my shoulder. I can feel the warmth of his body heat and gasp* Are all humans this warm? *Lifts hand up in front of her, looks down at it* I don't feel warm but just because I don't feel warm...does that mean that I'm not warm? *Touches face, there is no warmth, brings hand down again to look at it* Does this mean that I can't be warm because I'm not human? *I look over my shoulder to see him smiling at me, I enter through the door*

*Closes eyes, Action: Changing procedures, whirring sound, opens eyes* First place child on table top or changing surface, remove diaper. *Looks around for child, finds nothing, looks up at the mirror* "It says to find a child but I don't see any..." This must be my reflection like before but I look different, I was very transparent before. *Lifts hand and sticks out index finger, slowly touches the surface of the mirror. It's cold and smooth, smiles* It's cold just like me. *Runs finger down the mirror slowly, a streak is left behind on the surface, steps closer to the mirror. I look at my appearence then glance at the dress I'm holding in my hand*

*The store owner stands outside the main door, glances at his watch* She's been in there for 15 minutes, how long does it take to change into a dress? *Pauses in thought, sad expression* What if she's never worn clothes before or even changed clothes for that matter? That poor little persocon, she doesn't even seem to have a name. "She said a girl called her Chise, could that be a nickname or maybe where she lives?" Maybe I should go and see how she's doing. *Turns into doorway but is stopped short by the little persocon, he smiles* "Good job, Chise! You look wonderful!" *The store owner smiles widely and claps his hands. I look at him blankly for a second, smile, and clap my hands as well, he laughs* "Now I want to show you something really nice." *He leads me over to a small section next to the last door, nothing seemed out of the ordinary until he flipped a small hook, opening not one but three full size mirrors, gasps*

*I slowly walk up to the center mirror, looking back and forth at the two on both sides. I point to the mirror on the right* "This is me..." *points to the left* "this is also me." Are there three of me, am I not the only one? *Looks to her right, sees nothing but air. Turns around in a circle in hopes to find another one of her but finds nothing, the store owner chuckles* "No, Chise, this is your reflection *points to the right* so is that one *points to the left* and that one, too." *Stands forward, looks at the center mirror, tilts head slightly* My reflections...this is me. *I continue to look at myself in the mirror. The light purple dress fits nicely against my body, not too tight but not too loose either, against the color my eyes seem bluer then normal. My hair barely touches the tank top part of the dress and grazes my shoulders gracefully, the green clips holding back my hair complement the outfit well. Smiles, whirring sound* Error...unknown action. *Action: Run Vitals, whirring sound* My height is 5 foot 4 inches, head to toe when standing. Error 57565BA7 UNKNOWN ERROR *Whirring sound, face goes blank, eyes go blank. The store owner looks at me cautiously then runs to the phone, he dials. Whirring sound, the color returns to my eyes and I look around* What was that feeling, no...that voice. *Walks slowly to a window in the store and looks out, places hand flat against the window, looks up towards the bright, blue sky in a daze* "That voice, it sounded familiar. It told me to feel, that I should feel emotion, that I should feel this way...happy." That voice...*The store owner walks over to me, I turn to face him and smile kindly, he looks down at the floor sadly* "I'm sorry, I had no choice but to call the Police...they will be here shortly."


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