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Story: Home for rent

*Stands, looks at the store owner blankly. Closes eyes, Action: Run dictionary* My vocabulary tells me that the Police are the governmental department charged with the regulation and control of the affairs of a community, now chiefly the department established to maintain order, enforce the law, and prevent and detect crime. *Eyes open widely, points slowly to self* "Crime?" My vocabulary tells me a crime is a serious offense, especially one in violation of morality. An unjust, senseless, or disgraceful act or condition. *I slowly back away from the store manager, he steps towards me cautiously and slowly* "I...did something bad?" *He continues to walk towards me, I once again step away from him and closer to the entrance of the store* "Chise, it'll be okay. They just want to talk to you."

*Action: Run memory bank, in Sir's scratchy voice* "If you ever see the Police, you must not tell them anything. In fact you must run away from them and make sure they don't see you. But most of all, don't let them follow you, the Police are bad, do you hear me?! BAD!" *I look around the store then at the door leading back to the outside, sirens are heard from a distance* Sir told me to stay away from them, that the Police are bad. *I look back at the store owner who is now looking out the window as well as if the cops have already arrived, bows quickly* "Thank you for your kindness." *I run out of the store, behind me I hear the store owner calling after me, telling me to stop but I keep running*

*After a few minutes, and a few turns, I slow down and begin to walk. Action: Run Memo* Go to Smiley's Food Barn and get some eggs. *I look around, the sun is still out and everything is as bright as ever, my hand grazes my side but instead of feeling the rough fabric from the burlap the texture is soft, I look down* "I'm still wearing the dress, why does this feel wrong?" *Unknowingly I begin to cross the street as a car comes rushing towards me, he screeches to a stop and lays on the horn, I jump and freeze in the middle of the road* "What the hell are you doing, you stupid persocom?! Don't you know how to cross the street safely, get out of my way!" *I look at him blankly and quickly finish crossing the street, a crowd has formed and they now look at me, whispering* "What a cute little persocom!" "Yea well she may be cute but she's a little short on brains." "I wonder where her owner is?" *I look down at the ground and continue on my way* What is this feeling, I can hear what these humans are saying and...Error 535468GA6 UNKNOWN ERROR I feel like something is breaking...


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  • Story: Home for rent

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