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A Chobits RPG

Chi is Chi
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This is a community for Chobits fans to role play as their favorite characters or a made up character of their choice.

Before you join, please consider the rules:

1) These rules apply to everyone who join.

2) No stealing other people's characters.

3) You're only allowed one character for each LJ account.

4) No controlling other people's characters. Saying certain phrases such as, "No you can't do that.." aren't allowed, if you don't like what someone is doing e-mail me.

5) If you decide to play a character from the series, you must know about your character and they shouldn't do something they wouldn't normally do. For example: Chi is unlikely to grab a chainsaw, kill Hideki and then result to cannibalism.

6) Ideas of having new relationships are cool but keep it to the story. For Example: Ueda is unlikely to leave Yumi just so he can hook up with Shimbo.

7) You are welcome to leave the community at any time, but please leave a post saying that you are doing so.

8) When you join, start your own story. Please don't start a story in the middle of one that's already taking place, this can cause problems. You are welcome to include yourself in other stories as long as they make sense. When you make new stories or are writing in an already existing story, please make the title of the story clear.

9) If anyone is confused or has questions about these rules, feel free to e-mail me.

List of characters:
Chise (Persocom) - steapie
Chi (Persocom) - _arianna_

Freya (Persocom) - supraimportgrl
Guapo (Persocom) - bludragon
Summomo (Persocom) - merissa_hino
Lynna (Human) - tenshinekoyasha
Toshi (Persocom) - tiaprae
Bystanders - bakerbitch

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